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User dissapearing

Hi everyone,

I have Spark setup over a wan and at one site (call it site A) when their interenet drops for a bit then comes back on spark auto logs them back on ok. They can see everybody but people at sites where internet didnt drop cant see them.

Site A can still message other sites even though they dont show up on the other sites online lists. If the other sites log out then back in they can then see site A again. is there anyway of fixing this problem without having the other sites log out and back in?


Can you test that with some other client (Exodus, Psi)? Just to check if that is not Spark issue.


Spark should send a new presence packet after a reconnect and Openfire should broadcast it to the buddies. It this does not work this would be an evil bug.

If you change the presence manually to “away” and back to “online” Spark should send two presence packets, maybe this helps.



I did just two tests with Spark 257 and the results are different:

1st try: Spark did reconnect and did send three times:

Maybe there’s also a 3rd result where Spark does not send the presence packet.