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User Getting bounced...''Packet sent to unreachable address'' info logs

This just began occuring recently and only occurs to the one user who uses Trillian Pro as his IM client. Any time user_s[/b] logs in, it kicks user_k[/b] off. Then since user_k[/b] has autoreconnect, it just continues through this cycle forever. Actually, both users have autoreconnect so breaking the sessions from the Admin console doesn’'t resolve anything.

So everyone having user_k[/b] in their roster gets continual presence messages saying the user is online/offline, online/offline, online/offline. Below is a snippet from the info log.

2005.10.31 13:52:57 Packet sent to unreachable address


Hey jiver,

From your description it looks like there is a resource conflict but since these are 2 different users that wouldn’‘t be possible. Could you paste the sent and received XML of each of these 2 clients so we can locate the XML stanza that may be triggering this behavior? The IQ packet that you pasted looks pretty innocent. Unless that packet is making the client disconnect and it’'s not the server who is not disconnecting these users.


– Gato