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User/Group not recognized

I have an openfire installation configured with AD integration. At the Admin Console, all the users (more than 1000) and groups are recognized, but some users are not shown at their groups, and I can´t see this user at the group summary at the Admin Console. Summarizing, all the users and groups are recognezed by Openfire, but some associations user/group are not recognized.

I hope someone can help me.


Ok, I don´t know an explanation for this, but I made the not recognized relations betwen user and group to be recognized: I removed the group from the “member of” at AD and restart openfire, than I added the group again and restart openfire again - and I have to make this for each user that has this problem, i´m luck it´s few. Then, the group that I want to use for organize the rosters apeared at Openfire Admin Console, but it´s not showed the complete set of groups for several users. This is not resolved, but is a palliative.

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