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User/group tab not opening in admin console

I have an openfire 3.5.1 server running on a CentOS 4 box with Oracle 10g database.

Up until yesterday, everything was great. And now, none of my users can connect (says “Invalid username/password”), and when I log in to the admin console, I can’t even click on the Users/Groups tab. Everything else opens fine, but not that tab.


Openfire should be logging interesting errors on this matter. I suspect the issue is that something is wrong with openfire’s database connection to Oracle.


I literally just solved this myself! Apparently there were two instances of openfire running on the server. The one was at the top of the ps -ef, so I didn’t notice it in the process list. When I stopped and started openfire, that one didn’t stop.

Once I stopped openfire via script, killed that other rogue openfire process and started openfire backup via script, all was well.

Great! Unless you are using LDAP for authentication, please keep in mind that your version of openfire running has a very bad security hole where any authenticated user could change the password for the admin account (I am not positive this works back in the 3.5.x series, but believe it does). This was fixed in 3.6.4


Daryl -

Thanks for the heads up, I’ve actually got the 3.6.4 rpm uploaded to the box and hope to get that applied on my next “updates” night…

have a great weekend…