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User Group to Room Settings

I have done several searches and cannot for the life of me figure this out.

I have made several user groups and several different rooms, How do I go about linking a group to a room? so that any member of that group can join the chat when it is set to member only mode.


Unfortunately at this point you need to add users to chat rooms not groups.

So if I can not use groups for mass authentication to chats, what purpose do they serve?

This sort of puts a kink in my plans. We have a running forum with several level of access, I had planned to mirroring over the group and the base which chats can be access using groups.

Is there another method of doing that without having to add 500 members to 20 different chats? Seems like a unnecessary administrative overhead.

Groups can be used to populate rosters. You can share the groups and they will automatically add themselves to the members rosters.

Thank you for your help so far,

So how would I go about setting up rosters, and is their a manuel somewhere that I missed?