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User/Groups Problem

Hi everybody,

I installed openfire 3.8.2 on an Ubuntu Server 12.04. Everythings works fine so far.

Now I create a user via Web interface and I can log in with any client and I am online. As soon as I am creating a second user, he is online too but they cannot see each other nor connect. It shows offline on the client. As soon as I am creating a group, add the users and “enable conatct list group sharing” the user can see each other and conect. Is that the only way being able to contact each other via groups or am I doing anything wrong? Thanks for some help…


You should be able to add another user as a contact. What client do you use? In Spark you go to Contact menu > Add Contact > enter username and add it. Or you can go to search at the bottom of the roster window and search for users, then add them. When you add a user, he has to approve you (subscription request) and only then you should be able to see each other status.