User information customization

When you hover a person’s username in the Spark client you can see their Online Status, title, and photo if they have one in Active directory. Is there a way to customize this information and add other fields? What I am looking for is the ability to see site information. We have multiple locations and it would be nice to see which locations users are logging in from. Would this be possible in any way?

This is called a vCard popup and it shows information from user’s vCard. In the latest version it also shows a work phone number. I don’t see “site” per se in the list of vCard fields. But you can probably use City for this (or Country, Street Address, State/province).

You can’t customize it easily with some setting though. It has to be programmed. So, you can edit Spark’s source and compile your own version of it with any changes you want. This popup is already getting too cluttered, so i’m hesitant about adding more info to it for the official Spark version. Maybe i can add one more field (like City). But i feel next someone will show up asking for Country, Street Address, Fax and Pager fields


Would there be any other way of displaying site information? As you mentioned I could use the vcard popup but that would have to involve some programming. Can you think of any other way of possibly achieving this functionality?

Are you wanting something static or dynamic. for static, You could also use shared roster groups and security groups to show users locations.

if you want to mess with vcards, either do some remapping or custom code, than

the user property you want to look at is under is “Office”, under the user properties general tab. the AD attribute is physicalDeliveryOfficeName.

If you want something dynamic, than that would likely require alot of work. An easy solution might be to show the IP address that the client is connecting from, maybe the Version and Time (right click on user, select “view client version”)? then change the label from “view client version” to something like “view client info” Of course that info would only be useful to a few.

Oh, i was only referring to this as a static info. Not even delving into dynamic stuff, this would be too complex (at least for me).

Rodrigo, no, i don’t know of any other option other than speedy has mentioned (grouping users by location and naming groups accordingly) or just simply adding location to their names (as we currently do adding short phone numbers).

Actually i have marked down for me to try adding th City field at some point and see how it looks with all the current fonts populated. If City field would fit your need to point to location.