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User is being Signed out of Spark when their Windows Computer goes to Sleep

My issue is only happening on one of my users, everyone else’s stations are working correctly.

When this user’s computer goes to Sleep (or Hibernates) they get signed out of Spark. This doesn’t happen to anyone else. Does anyone know what would cause this? I have around 150 total users.

Example of chat log when the issue happens throughout the days.

*** user2 went offline at 12:14 PM

*** user2 went offline at 5:46 PM

*** user2 went offline at 12:16 PM

*** user2 went offline at 2:22 PM

(16:53) user2: Still doing it

*** user2 went offline at 5:48 PM

*** user2 went offline at 12:15 PM

*** user2 went offline at 5:44 PM

*** user2 went offline at 9:25 AM

*** user2 went offline at 12:16 PM

Maybe your computers are not the same or have different power settings. Usually when computer goes to sleep, the network goes down and at that point Spark looses its connection with the server and others see it going offline. At my company we have increased the sleep timeout to 2 hours to get rid of various problems related to this. E.g. after you bring your PC on after a sleep, Spark is showing as green, but actually it will reconnect after a few seconds as the network adapter resets during the waking up. So if you try to send messages right after you wake it up, they won’t go anywhere.