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User is showing in AD group on AD server, but not in AD group in OpenFire


I have a user that is in a specific AD group on our AD server. This group has a list of other users as well, and this particular user is also in additional groups on our AD server. However in OpenFire, the primary AD group that I want this user to be in is not showing up on her user account profile.

Example: user tsmith is in 4 AD groups on our AD server. In OpenFire, user tsmith’s AD groups only show 3 AD groups. The 4th (missing) one is the group I need her to show up in in OpenFire so that she shows up for other users at our organization. I have a AD group just for Spark that groups staff by their department/job title. She isn’t showing up for anyone else in our organization in Spark in any groups. On her Spark session, she shows up in the ‘Unfiled’ group. Haven’t come across this issue for any of our other users.

Is there a way to have OpenFire ‘refresh’ its view of our AD server? Or if it refreshes automatically and I’m just not aware of that, any reason as to why this one particular group won’t show up in OpenFire for this user?

Thanks in advance for any replies!

Have an update on this issue. We created a new user profile on our AD server for a new hire, which that user was placed into the same AD group that my original user’s problem mentioned above. When I logged in to OpenFire today and looked at the AD group in there, the new user was automatically added. So I now know OpenFire and our AD server are automatically refreshing at some sort of interval, and has me more confused as to why the original user with this issue is not showing up.

Looks like I got this solved. Found a 2nd person that wasn’t showing up in the AD group in OpenFire. Went to my AD server and for these 2 particular people’s AD profiles, they had the ‘Primary Group’ option on the ‘Member Of’ tab set to the AD group that I’m using for Spark, whereas other users that were working had a different group set for the Primary Group. I changed the option to match everyone else’s AD profiles, logged out of Spark and logged back in, and now the missing people showed up in their correct group.

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