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User leaves MUC and still sees conversation


Ive been using openfire with about 300 users for about 2 months now. This is mainly being used for MUC conferencing. My users are using a variety of clients, Pandion, Jeti, jwchat … etc… so far any configuration issues Ive come across have been answered elsewhere on this forum… so this is my first post.

Recently it has been reported to me from some of my users that when they have left a conference (or have been booted for being idle), they can still see the conversation although they do not appear as present in the MUC. The users in the MUC see that the user has left. In the context of the usage, this is pretty undesirable.

I’‘ve looked around this forum but can’'t see anyone else reporting this issue.

This behaviour has been seen on at least Pandion and Jeti…

Any ideas …