User List not sorted by name

I had noticed this backl when I was running 2.3.0, and am seeing it again in 2.5.1. When I go to the user list, the list is retrieved in the order I created the users not sorted by user name. My 2.3.0 server is using MSSQL 7.0. My new 2.5.1 server (which I’'ll be deploying) is using MySQL 5.0.

Is there something I’'m not doing right, or is this still a bug?

Thanks! Kepp up the great work!


User Summary Sorting JM-240 is scheduled for Wifi 2.6.0. It should be released within two weeks.


same problem here: with the question whether you are usng LDAP.

I don’'t use LDAP and my users are sorted in some way but not the “right” one (test1,test10-test19,test2,test20ff).

this issue is not related to JM-240 i think, because it works fine for me (others), and doesnt work for someone.

UPD: ah, beaten by LG again

Fixed in latest version.