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User listing with ldap

Is it possible when listing all users using an IM client to ONLY list the people from one certain group in LDAP?

We got our company which we have a separate group from those who are allowed to use wildfire, and we want to limit only one group to be able to login and using the IM server, is that possible? if so, how.

Any help appreciated, with any of my two questions.

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Try using a custom search filter. If you’'re using AD, I think memberOf is the property you want to filter on; not sure about other LDAP implementations.

I don’'t have time right now to write the filter for you, and IIRC there are some funky things with AD and group membership, but poke around - this should get you started.

Did you ever get this resolved? I have been trying to get this information by searching the board, but have found nothing.

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