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User name not changing when edited

I created a user in Wildfire, but spelled thier name wrong. When I change it in Wildfire, the name displayed won’'t change in Spark. Even if I log off, the name is still misspelled in Spark.

Any ideas?

Hi Eric,

I have absolutely no idea where on client side one can see the username which is configured in the web admin console. Is it possible that you enlighten me?


I have noticed a similar issue.

I always thought that the "Name: " field (user properties)

in the Wildfire admin console is what gets displayed in the Spark roster list.

Sometimes though Spark does not update this information if you then change it from

the original settings.

eg: I use the Name: field to show staff phone extensions in the roster.

So my roster list looks like:

" Stevie Vaughan - 429 "

" Robben Ford - 516 "

So if the persons phone extension changes the Spark roster does

not always update immediately. It seems to take some time to update.

When you create a user in Wildfire, you enter their userid (JID) and then you enter the Name for that user as well. I assumed that name field is what showed up, and usually does, when a user is displayed in Spark.

If you edit that name, it doesn’'t reflect that change in Spark. I even edited the name in every instance in the DB.

It does appear that the change is reflected when the user whose name is changed signs out and then back in.


I have experianced the same issue. Sometimes the name isn’'t displayed but the coplete username ie. user@sparkserver. Why does it do this? How can I make sure spark shows the name?


I had to rebuild the DB last time that happened.