User not showing up in other user's userlist

Hello support.

I am using LDAP for user administration. We had a user who had to have their AD credentials & group memeberships change for job change reasons. Formerly they were JSmith, now they’re JBSmith. They do not show up on anyone’s roster. They are online and can message, but no one can see them online.

When I login to the admin console. I am able to see them as logged in. Their old username is showing as not logged into since we made the AD change. Their username and group memberships are correct for their new username. Their presence shows up correctly within the admin console. if I click their username to go to the user Properties things are still correct.

However if I click on the Roster, within the admin console. I see this users old username, and as far as groups go, it’s a combination of group names from the user’s old username and now current username.

Subscriptions for that user as the same as everyone else. Subscription is “to”

I have modified cache.username2roster.size and cache.username2roster.maxLifetime and then restarted the openfire server. Once I changed these values and restarted, the user was cleared from the Roster listing within the admin console. However when the user logged in this morning the Roster was back to what it was previously (old username, mixed group membership)

This is being shown in the spark messaging client on windows and Adium on OSX.

Anything else we can look at?


Roster is currently at 2.62.MB out of 5.0MB for 52.4% utilized and effectiveness is at 99.9%