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User Presence Listener "Left" not getting called Android Smack 4.1.1

I am using Smack Library for implementing MultiUser Chat for my Android Application. I am using this library for a long time and was working Fine. But, currently, I am facing a problem with Participant Status Changed Listener. “Left” method of the Participant Status Changed listener is not getting called whereas “Joined” is getting called properly.

I am using Smack 4.1.1 for my application.

Please find below code snipped where I add my listeners:

                    if (presenceListener == null)
                        presenceListener = new CustomPresenceListener();
                    if (statusChangedListener == null)
                        statusChangedListener = new CustomStatusChangedListener();
                    if (userStatusListener == null)
                        userStatusListener = new CustomUserStatusListener();


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