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User Presence Table in DB


I’'ve been looking into Wildfire to integrate it with some webapp by using external database.

The feature I’‘m trying to implement in the webapp is something with which you can search currently available contacts within the server. But I just couldn’'t find any efficient way other than creating a special table in that Wildfire updates a particular record for each user every time they change their status.

Then I thought I’'d just have to intercept the packets and dump those status data into the database but

I want something simpler implementation… Is there any?

By the way, the webapp isn’'t in java/servlet.



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seems like I put my e-mail address in wrong place, Sorry.

I just figured out there’'re PresenceEventDispatcher and PresenceEventListener implemented

and I guess I could use those. First time to seriously write in Java though.



FT – did you write a plugin for this? If so, I’'d love to test it out.