User registration failure


I have run into a problem when registering users in-band from an iOS client (using xmppframework) on my Openfire server (3.10.0) with a Mysql 5.5 database.

The server acknowledges the user registration with a IQ of type result, but the user never shows up in Users/Groups -> User summary. There also is no entry for the user in the ofUser database table. Interestingly, if I explicitly search for the user (Users/Groups -> User search), the user does show up, though it disappears after a server restart.

I don’t have this problem when registering a new user via Pidgin or Smack/Android.

Here are the logs from the Message Audit:


a665a45920422f9d417e4867efdc4fb8a04a1f3fff1fa07e998e86f7f7a27ae3</pas sword>


I have noticed that Pidgin and Smack/Android:

  • first send a IQ ‘get’ before the ‘set’

  • they also provide an ‘id’ field in the ‘iq’ tag

Could this be the source of the problem?What else could be going wrong?


After a lot of head scratching, we found that the password length was the culprit. The database password field has a maximum length of 32, I was generating 64 Byte passwords on iOS.

After reducing the password length, user registration worked as expected.

It would be great if the server could send an appropriate error message