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User Registration via XIFF Not Working

So, I call:


And, I get:

This looks correct, right?

If I have set up an event handler:

connection.addEventListener(“registrationFields”, handleRegistrationFields);

Shouldn’t the receipt of the above message trigger this event? What am I missing?

TIA as usual,


Ok, I’m just baffled.

Here’s some debug output; I’ve traced through everything and can’t figure out why the event isn’t triggered.

Users:kplummer:Documents:Flex Builder 2 copy:SLWA:bin:main-debug.swf - 856,966 bytes after decompression

DEBUG: logging in…


<?xml version="1.0"?>

DEBUG: in handleConnectionSuccess

DEBUG: Active

DEBUG: LoggedIn

in getRegistrationFields_result() creating new RegistrationFieldsEvent…

Shoulda just created the RegistrationFieldsEvent…

I’ve added some traces in XMPPConnection to try and figure out what’s going on.

My code is attached for viewing pleasure - but, I really need some help (at least something to look for).


main.mxml (11492 Bytes)