User Session Issue

Our server has over 100 users, but there is only ONE user who is having this particular issue that we’re stuck trying to resolve:

The user was logged on for several days without any issues, left her client running over the weekend (this is normal; we have a lot of users who leave their client running for days) (Her client is Pidgin 2.10.7, and we have other users running the same client and version), then when she started work on Monday morning, she noticed her client was no longer logged in and had a message “1 account was disabled because you signed on from another location”. What’s extremely puzzling about this is that when I login to the admin console, I don’t see a session at all for her username or machine IP. Usually in situations like this, I can just kill the session and have the user log back on and everything is fine. This is obviously not the case with this particular user account.

This happened once before last week, and in that instance, I rebooted the server to clear the session, deleted her account (just to be safe), recreated it and thought everything was fine; until the same thing happened again today/this week.

Our server is version 3.10.1. Needless to say, I’m most likely going to upgrade to v3.10.3, but I wanted to report this and see if there is any troubleshooting I should do first (in case it helps the devs discover a possible bug that they didn’t know about).

Maybe this one [OF-829] Ghost sessions left on a server when using Pidgin client - Jive Software Open Source

That looks like about the best info I could expect to find for this issue - pretty much spot on.

Thanks wroot!