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User signed in more than once with different resources, on new message alert all users records?

I found out how to allow more than one concurrent login from a user, and how to deliver the record to all signed in resources.

The last thing I’m trying to figure out is for all signed in resources to be alerted to a new message. If I’m signed into both my desktop and my iPhone using Trillian, my desktop will be alerted to new messages. if I sign off the desktop and wait a few minutes for Openfire to notice the signoff and send a message, my iPhone will be alerted.

Ideally, I want both devices to always alert on a new message so if I accidentally forget to sign off on my desktop before I leave and need to get alerts for any work problems on my phone, I’ll still get the beep.


Ok, I found a partial workaround. I messed with the priority on my phone and as long as Trillian is on screen, both my desktop and iPhone will beep on a new message. however, if I lock the screen or leave the app it no longer beeps.