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User Status Not updating fast enough

I’m not too sure if this is a support question but here goes.

We are using OpenFire 3.6.4 connected to Active Directory for user accounts. There are about 300 Active users and about 1000 total accounts. Most users are connecting to the Openfire server via a VPN connection because the server is not publicly available. Remote users use a mix of PSI, EXODUS, and PIDGIN as their client.

This is a new deployment of Openfire on a new server (previously we had a jabberd-1.4 server). One of the complaints of the new server is that user status is not updating in a timely fashion, or even at all, for user that are connection via the VPN.

Does the client keep alive play a part in this “Problem”? Are there a few setting that i need to use for making sure the external users status is changed correctly when they logoff or logon?

I case any one has anything for this, here is some more information.

Users show online by the server, but client connections show user offline. Roster for user have “Both” user being resistered but user remainse offline until client reconnects.

More Information, This may be a problem with the Presence Manager. Documented incident: User on same LAN a server set presence as “away” with custom away greetings in Exodus. 20 minutes later user returned and changed status to “available” with another custom greeting.

User was not able to receive chat’s from other users. Status was “Online” but no chat messages. Server was not sending chat messages to user.

Is there a way to trouble shoot the Presence Manger?

There seems to be an procedural issue here, one user will have a subscription to another user but the second user will not have a subscription to the first user. This will result in “Precense” for the second user not being displayed correctly on the first user. Not too sure how subcriptions can get into this state but resubscribing will correct the problems.