User status: Online / Offline

i have a reall serious problem concerning the online/offline status from some user.

if a user from my contactlist goes offline i did not get the offline status and the user is still online.

what can be the problem?

im using openfire 3.5.0 and all clients are using miranda.

the second problem is the subscription. if a user add a new user to the contactlist the autorization request will not appear for the other user, so he can’t autorize the request.

what can here be the problem?

thanks for any help

I dont have a clue. But this is the third thread in forums about problems with Miranda. Others are complaining about the same (presence not updating, messages not going through). So, seems to be Miranda related, or maybe it’s a bug in Openfire. But strange one, because not affecting other clients. Hard to suggest something. I dont remember if there is a debugger in Miranda, so you can put XML codes going from the server and to the server in malfunctioning Miranda client.

hi wroot,

thanks for your answer. this is problem is really anoing and very strange because it happens not for every user.

i will try your debug-solution and give feedback.

i can’t switch the client software because its a standard in my company and have switched the server-software proudly to openfire and now there is this strange bug

thanks again.