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User summary 1000 user limit

The user summary page seems to have a limit of 1000 users when speaking to LDAP/AD. I’‘m not sure if it’‘s because the server is only returning 1000 users to the query, though my ldap browser is getting around it, if that’‘s the case. I also don’'t see any size limit exceeded messages in my stderror.out file. Is there perhaps a client side limit?


I also ran into the same “problem”. Unfortunately I couldn´t test the solution, cause I do not administer AD here where I work. What I did was restrict the baseDN to my country only…

This is a limitation in the default AD config:


I think you need to change the “MaxPageSize” property, then AD will return more results.

Also see this thread in this forum. Someone applied the changes mentioned in the KB above and aparently it worked: