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User Summary: blank list

Went thru much trial and error to get LDAP to work in my AD enviornment. All seems to work well now but for some reason I have lost the list of users (“No users in the system”).

jpeg attached.

No ideas on what may cause this?

Hi Marc,

absolutely no idea … probably a missing filter. Or you did restart Openfire and this did break the configuration in conf/openfire.xml.

Can you review the file and take a look at the error_log file, maybe there you find something more useful.


same thing happens to me. Sometimes it works and it displays the users, other times it doesn’t and displays a blank user list. Not sure why it keeps working/not working - pretty damn annoying.

On new version now (Openfire 3.5.1) and still have the same issue- no users show on the Summary page :_| .

I see this thread from years ago went unanswered, so I’m not hopeful of a soltuon, but… I have the “no users in the system” message on the user summary page as well, when clearly I have numerous users. I’d like to fix this.