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I’m not sure if setting the MySQL version to 5.1.XX helps, since i’ve been using MySQL 5.6.XX before and didn’t have the issue. So something is definently changed with Openfire 3.8.X which causes the problem to so many users.

So far, haven’t found a way to fix this problem, getting quite frustrating.

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Thanks for the reply.

So far I did not found any other problem with of, so i will keep using this version.

If I find something new about this subject I’ll come back here to write about.


Just a bump for this - have there been any updates? I’m having the same issue on a fresh installation. I’m also experiencing very similar issues on the Server Manager > Statistics page, if any of you have that plugin.

OS: Windows Server 2008 R2 Standard SP1

Openfire: 3.8.2

MySQL: 5.6.13

No, i believe this is on their low priority of bugs list, IF they even know about the bug. Since if some users report it’s not working and some users say it’s working, like with any other software, the dev’s don’t consider it a bug or even test-worthy. It might get fixed after some years or when they experience the bug themselves i guess. Meanwhile you can try to find workarounds, i am just browsing the database table where the users are manually, annoying as hell, but the only way for me at the moment.


We don’t have any active openfire developers at the moment, only folks that hack at things as they need or have interest in. We need more committers!

I make Dejavu words mine. :confused:

is it simply that the mysql jdbc driver needs updating? It seems most of the users having issue are using mysql 5.6.x version… and people without issue are on older versions. 5.6.x is drastically different over the older 5.1.x that most “server” linux distros ship with… on windows servers of course users must manually install mysql, so they get the latest package.

i use mysql 5.1.x as my database on a openfire 3.8.2 server running on CentOS 6.x. all works as expected.

EDIT: I just looked, Openfire 3.8.2 is using MySQL JDBC Driver version 5.0.8 – the latest from the mysql site is 5.1.26 – perhaps someone experiencing this issue should try updating the driver and testing it out…

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It appears that you can update your mysql jdbc driver by replacing the one under the Openfire installation directory’s lib/ directory. It’s called “mysql.jar” right now… just back that up, download the latest from mysql’s site, and copy it into that lib/ directory (making sure to call it the same name - mysql.jar).

I have attached the lastest MySQL JDBC Driver for convinience… if you feel so inclinded to download your own… it’s available at:

http://dev.mysql.com/get/Downloads/Connector-J/mysql-connector-java-5.1.26.zip/f rom/http://cdn.mysql.com/

– Make sure you rename this download jar to “mysql.jar” before dropping it into your openfire_installation/lib/ directory
mysql-connector-java-5.1.26-bin.jar (855948 Bytes)

Thanks I was having the same problem and this fixed it.

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On Thu, Sep 12, 2013 at 3:26 PM, SnakeDoc <communityadmin@igniterealtime.org

That did the trick, thank you!

Ok excellent.

Wroot or Daryl-- is there a ticket for this already, or should I create a new one? The Openfire team will need to pull the latest jar into their SVN TRUNK. The ticket you referenced Wroot does’t look like it’s exactly the same issue, but perhaps will be sovled by the updated jdbc driver as well.

So the request is to update mysql.jar from 5.0.8 to 5.1.26 ? Is 5.1.26 backwards compatiable with mysql versions supported by 5.0.8 ?

it should be, i haven’t run into any jdbc drivers yet that aren’t backwards compatible… and on mysql’s website it’s the only jdbc driver they have posted, so assumed it will work with all version… But! – it’s better to test and be sure instead of assuming.

I can’t restart my openfire right now, but in the morning tomorrow I’ll try this on my setup (mysql 5.1.x) and see what happens.

I agree that testing should be done. Filed as OF-697

Ok, I swapped out the driver on my setup and all is good as far as I can see.

Just to confirm:

Issue: Openfire 3.8.2 included MySQL JDBC Driver 5.0.8, which is not compatible with MySQL version 5.6.x

Fix: Update Openfire MySQL JDBC Driver to version 5.1.26 (latest from mysql website as of today).

Tested: On MySQL versions 5.1.x and 5.6.x and seems to work well.

And we should be thankful speedy for a hint on this issue on this thread http://community.igniterealtime.org/message/232748#232748

Sorry to ressurect a seemingly solved issue - this fixed my problem for the Users/Groups page, but not for my statistics page. Is it possible the solution to this is something similar?

You mean Monitoring plugin? I believe this is a completely different story. This plugin is buggy and sometimes stops working for no logical reason. Unfortunately there is still no volunteer developer to dig into its code and find out what is wrong with it. It stopped working on my production server at some point too (no stats), though it works fine on a test server.

Yeah, that’s exactly what I’m talking about - I was hopeful this would solve the issues related to that as well. What is openfire written in? Is there a stream on github or somewhere?


I found that OpenFire does not support MySQL v5.6 because of the “SET OPTION” statement in User-Summary.jsp (and possibly other locations). The SET OPTION was removed in MySQL v5.6.

http://stackoverflow.com/questions/13023548/mysql-server-version-for-the-right-s yntax-to-use-near-option-sql-select-limit-1

OpenFire works great with MySQL v5.5 and the v5.1.26 or the latest v5.1.28 JDBC drivers.