UserImportExport 2.2.0 not working


I have Openfire 3.6.4 running on Ubuntu 10.04.1 LTS. I want to migrate from embeddedDB to MySQLa nd 3.7 with a fresh install.

In order to do so I would like to export te current users (~100) from the running server. So I installed UserImportExport 2.2.0 (which I thought is appropriate for openfire 3.6.4 - is it?).

Installation was without problem, Plugin is shown in the list of installed plugin, but when I click on User/Groups, then Import&Export, I get an empty page (only siteframe of admin console).

Can anyone help? Thanks!

Does anyone have an idea on this issue? Would greatly appreciate any help! Thanx!

Finally we found the cause for this problem: The .jar-file downloaded from here was named **UserImportExport 2.2.0.jar. **The blank space in the file name appeared to be the problem. After renaming it to UserImportExport.jar and uploading it again, everything worked fine.

Hope this helps anyone.