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Username not showing - bug?

I see that this issue has been refrenced but I have never seen resolve on it.

Some of my users report spark showing the full username@servername.com as the display name for some users. These are users that have not changed any of the members of the roster - most of them just connected to spark. We are using spark 1.1.3 and wildfire 2.5.1 with a Microsoft SQL 2000 database.

I have noticed that the roster table shows records with the username@servername.com having a null value for the name. When clearing that record from the DB I would expect that the client would update… But it is not.

First - why did they get set to show teh username instead of the Full Name?

Second - How do I fix it?



A duplicate post, original one is here http://www.jivesoftware.org/community/thread.jspa?threadID=19281