Username vs. Server Name vs. Profile Name


Could somebody pls shine some light onto this:

Lets say:

  1. a user registers as username user1

  2. The admin uses WF’'s web gui to enter “JOE” as First Name and “DOE” as Last Name server side.

  3. The user puts via Spark in his profile “Jimmy” & “Nobody” as his first/last name.

WHAT name shows up in the other users rosters?

When will it change to (to which of the two???) real names given that user88 has add user1 to his roster BEFORE user1 polished his profile?

Background: I do have here two users, who still sit in my roster as “userXXX” instead of their real names! For all the others this was changed “somehow” / “sometime”. A miracle?

Simply logging in/out did not cure it…

Hmm, I am lost …




In the case of shared groups, Wildfire will automatically try to set the name correctly. In all other cases, you’‘re in charge of setting the name when you add someone to your roster (which you can change at any time). I’‘m guessing that you’'re seeing the difference between shared group contacts and normal contacts?




Thanks for the fast reply. My answer is NO, sorry.

  1. The two users, where this does not work, have been added lately and came onboard the “inhouse group” just a few days ago but there is nothing different to the other guys than the date of registration…

  2. Ok there name is set automatically, but WHAT name, the profile name or the one from the users page in the web-admin??

P.S. Update to 1. From this morning on one user flipped to his real name after nearly a week now!! Is there some db caching or what? A miracle?



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