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Username with space

I have integrated an databse with users which has spaces in their names . Is it possible to edit some files in openfire , that it can understand it ?

I want restructure my databse (joomla).

Spaces are not valid in XMPP usernames. There is a xep-0106 extension to escape characters in JIDs, although I am not sure if Openfire implements it.

Try changing “user name@domain.com” to “user\20name@domain.com” and see if it works.

It dont work …



John Doe

But Openfire cant handle it … other solutions ?

You could modify the JDBC interface and make sure that “a\20b” is converted to “a b” before the queries are executed.

Do you use an external database for auth or did you import the users into the Openfire database?

I´m using an external Database (the database from Joomla)

If you edit peoples names in their properties on the server it displays names properly, don’t get why you can’t just use that?

Is it really that important that their logon details have to have a space in them?!? It means you have to create the accounts again but it’l probably take a lot less time than figuring this problem out