Username with spaces or "swedish characters" can''t logon?


It seems that users with spaces or “swedish characters” (for instance ö - that is an o with two dots above) cannot login using Spark. I get an errormessage with the text “Invalid username or password.” when pressing the “Login” button in the Spark login dialog. I tried other clients (Jeti, Neos, Miranda, Gaim) and the usernames work there so it seems to be a Spark-related issue. I use Spark 2.0.1 and Wildfire server 3.0.1.

The usernames that cannot login using Spark (I replaced my servername with is:



jäbber tö



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Well this wasn’'t really a question, and I really do understand (and actually appreciate) that other more urgent issues is dealt with first.

My workaround to this problem is to urge the system administrator to change usernames with spaces and strange characters in them.



It seems like usernames with spaces in them now can login using Spark! This has changed in Spark 2.0.2. This means that my user “jabber” now works.

Usernames with “swedish characters” however still cannot login using Spark.


Hi John,

I did create SPARK-381 so one can track the progress there.


Great, thanks! It got my vote