Usernames with the @ symbol / Voip Client for Wildfire


I just downloaded Wildfire and created a couple of users. According to Wildfire usernames can not contain the @ symbol. However I would like to connect to my server using an XMPP Voip client. I currently use Jabbin which requires usernames to contain the @ symbol. I have had a look at some other Jabber Voip clients and they all use @s in their usernames.

How can I configure Wildfire to accept usersnames with the @ symbol?

Or alternativly can someone recommend a open source Voip client which works with Wildfire?

With kind regards


Hi Matthew,

is the ‘’@’’ really in the username? Or does it just seperate the username and the domain like ""? For xmpp/jabber "" is a bare JID, “user” is the node identifier and “” is the server name (Wildfire xmpp.domain).

Update: describes how to escape special characters like ‘’@’’ within the username.


It turned out to be a naming problem with my server. The hint with the escape character helped me find the missconfiguration.

Thank you.