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Users cannot user chat as port is blocked

After help from you guys, I now have a live help running on my website and through a jive server. Which all works brilliantly.

The problem I have found since I made it public is that some people trying to access it from certain places (mainly big companies) and finding that they cannot access the chat as the port has been blocked by their IT guys.

I am running the server with client port 5222. Is there any way I can get around the firewall at there end, i.e using a port that is open such as 80 or 25??

After all this work it would be very unfortunate if I was unable to use it.

Any help on this matter would help greatly.


Iain Freestone.

there are a lot of problems with the flash xmlsocket. currently with flash 7.14 and lower there is no way to connect with ports lower then 1024.

With the introduction of flash 7.19 it is possible to connect with ports under 1024 and so you can connect at port 80 The problem then is the loading of the crossdomain.xml eg if you have a webserver running on flash.mydomain.com port 80 with the flash files that connect to jabber.mydomain.com port 80 the flash plugin needs a security polecy file originating from jabber.mydomain.com. usting a web server there just “moves” the problem but you can use the


method to load the policy file. For that the jabber server you are running needs to be changed so it responses to the from flash with the policy file.

anyway, http://www.macromedia.com/devnet/flash/articles/fplayer_security_03.html

has about all the info you need.