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Users can't login

Hello, I have the following problem with connecting with pidgin to an openfire server:

I setup the server to use an external database for users and groups.I have 140 groups and about 30.000 users in the database.When I tried testing with groups not shared between each other it was working fine.When I shared all the groups to everybody I can’t login anymore, pidgin keeps showing me “connecting” and after a while I get the message “Lost connection with server: Connection reset by peer”.I tried increasing the cache but it didn’t help me.

Does anybody have any suggestions ?

Thanks a lot!


do you see any errors in the log files?

Does Openfire consume 100% CPU while you try to establish the connection?



I don’t see any errors in the logs but when I try to login openfire consumes almost 100% from the cpu.

Also, I saw that sometimes I get logged in after about 20-30 minutes


how is the monitor usage when you enable group sharing and then try to login? I assume that a lot of groups consume a lot of memory. Enabling a garbage collection log may be a very good idea as you can log how often a GC occurs and how long it takes., see JVM Settings and Debugging.


Thanks, I will look at this