Users can't see their own messages

Hello all,

I have about 10 users who are on Spark 2.5.8. Occasionally, they will lose the ability to see thier own messages during a conversation. For example, a user will press “Enter” to submit their message, but they won’t see it on the screen. They can see the messages of the other users, but they can’t see their own. If they log out then back in again, they will be able to see everything again.

Has this happened to anyone else? And if so, is there a way to resolve this problem?

Thanks in advance for any help you can provide!

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please update to 2.6.0RC2 and report if this issue still remains

I am using 2.6.0 RC2 and have the same problem but also includes messages from others don’t show up. If I exit out and log back in, everything shows up. It’s like the chat window isn’t refreshing or something.

Do all my users need to update to 2.6.0RC2, or can just a few of them do it? If just a few users migrate to the release candidate, we can compare/contrast and see the difference.

Usually such problems can be solved by wiping out user’s Spark profile and starting with fresh profile. You don’t have to update all users to 2.6.0 RC2, just update few with that problem, but i still advice starting with the fresh profile (you can save the history if you really need it and the copy it back to a new profile, but old history files can be causing problems too).

Well, I tried upgrading them to 2.6.0 RC2, but it is not helping. I will try wroot’s advice to create them a new profile.

Please take a look at the error.log for RC2 users that have this issue and post the error log.

Ok, I will do that shortly.

Well, I am sorry Walter, apparently the error.log files are blank on both affected workstations.

Did this ever get solved? I’m having that same exact problem with a user…

Well, I am not aware of any bug report on the Spark 2.6.3 release that sounds like this. There is a “known” issue in Spark 2.5.8 and pre release 2.6.0 alpha versions that is caused by an installation without adminstrative rights on Windows.

The root cause are missing Emoticons in the Spark profile. This is easily detectable. If the chat window does not show emoticons, this has happend.

2.6.3 has a fix to prevent the exception that causes the wrong behaviour of Spark (not showing the users text lines).

What client version is affected? What OS?

In my case, it’s using v2.6.3 on a Windows 7 x64 machine…but I’ve only seen this happen with one setup out of 50-60, most of which are identical. The setup was all done remotely with admin permissions…Yesterday I tried uninstalling, deleting the Spark settings and then reinstalling locally - so far that seems to have solved it.

Update - I just had someone on an old Windows 2000 machine have this same problem…so it’s clearly not an x64 thing, at least.

clean the error log (there are two, one in the profiles folder and one in the Spark installation folder), restart the client, start a chat and post the error.log?

I am experiencing the same issue at present on clients who have updated to Spark 2.6.3 from 2.5.8. The server is 3.7.1. I have tried clearing the error logs and starting a new chat, and no error log is produced, or I would attach it here. I also tried uninstalling, re-installing, and starting new chats, but still no errors. The error seems to happen at random, usually about 1-2 people among 50 or so.

In particular, it seems to be worse in the conference rooms.

Interestingly, I had one user who had this issue after we updated him to 2.6.3 and then he left the company. Another user now uses his computer and it works fine for her, leading me to believe this is something to do with user profiles vs. system wide. I have deleted the spark directory from Documents and Settings\username on XP systems and \Users\ on win7 systems, but that does not seem to solve the issue. Are there other hidden files that contain preferences?

In both of my cases, deleting the user data solved the problem for me.

I deleted the entire c:\Documents and Settings(username)\Spark directory before without success. That is the only user data I’m aware of…are there others?

in 2.5.8 version Spark’s profile was in \username\Spark, but after you’ve upgraded, profile has been copied to \username\Application data\Spark. So you have only deleted the old profile, not the current one. That’s probably why it is not helping.

Deleting the new profile didn’t help either. But…due to an entirely unrelated circumstance, I found the answer in my case: the user had set her display name to appear as * Karen *. This apparently causes the software to puke, silently. No errors were reported in the error log; as I said above, nothing else seemed to work. Once she removed the asterisks from her display name, everything worked perfectly. Is this a bug or a feature?

I have just set my nickname with the asterisk, like you decribed and messaging works fine. At least in the latest 2.7.0 SVN version.