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User''s connection goes down if inactive - is this expected?

Is there a reason that a user’'s connection would be severed if the user is inactive for quite sometime? If so, is there a way to configure JiveMessenger to not have this happen or at least make this timeout really long?

Basically our application uses a virtual user (another Java server application) to act as a bridge for routing messages via HTTP. So one can post a message to the bridge server and this will get sent into the Jive Messenger via the XMPP connection, and vise-versa, a message can be sent to the bridge server via XMPP and this can be transferred to a web server. So, it is important for this user to be online at all times.

We are hoping to be able to build this feature as a plugin at some point, and perhaps will not need to have the “bridge” user authenticate via XMPP at all by just having it just work directly with the JiveMessenger server. Any ideas on how to accomplish such a thing will be greatly appreciated too.


Hey Chris,

Is your user being kicked from the room because of the inactivity? Or is your connection being closed? If the former then you can disable that feature by setting a value of -1 to the property xmpp.muc.tasks.user.idle. If the later then I should say that Jive Messenger does not have any logic that closes the connection due to inactivity. So my suggestion in this case is to check if there is a firewall that is closing the socket.


– Gato

Yeah, it’‘s the latter problem. I’'m not using any rooms in the application. I just wanted to make sure that there was no logic in the server that would close the connection. Thanks for confirming this.