Users dont recive the messages

Hi, i have installed wildfire it works fine, but sometimes the users told me that they send messages and the other side user dont get it.

i was reading but i cant find any info about this issue. hope you guys can help me.

I’'ve experienced the problem personally.

I was using iChat, the other person was using Pandion and then Spark.

i have this problem when i use trillian or iChat…

it could be a client issue?

I’‘ve had this problem with Trillian Pro. The solution to fix it is to upgrade to the latest Trillian Jabber Plugin (don’‘t rely on the auto update because it doesn’‘t work). Go to[URL] to download the latest Plugin. This will fix the problem. I’'m not too sure about iChat though.

One thing to note is that for some reason everytime you log in with Trillian it will try write your user info. If you have LDAP setup, the server will report an error that the user is trying to write to LDAP, which of course it can’'t do as it is readonly.