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Users getting bounced on Openfire 3.4.1


Have just tried upgrading from 3.3.1 to 3.4.1, after a while, users get logged in for a millisecond and almost instantly get booted! As soon as I login via Coversants Soapbox client library, a StreamClosed event is raised…I’m not sure if its something to do with settings, had to manuall reconfigure after installing the new version but hte previous version has no issues as such…would really like to use the new version because of the roster management feature, but as of now have had to revert because of this…has anyone faced anything similar? Would appreciate any insight!

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Just an addendum, after looking elsewhere in the forum, realised that the newer version is stricter on packets and disconnection is usually its response to invalid packets…Remember seeing something similar in the log concerning a custom packet I used (soapbox provides a framework to make custom packets), is there any way around this? ie; somehow validate my custom packet…I reckon it would probably require some schema of some sort, but I have no idea about the same! My custom packet does specify ‘http://coversant.net/samples/simplemessage’ for the xml schema, perhaps that’s the issue? Might be overlooking the obvious here, please bear with my ignorance