Users getting wrong username and password when running spark after logging in

Just to clarify, we have a server 2003 AD domain set up and we have the majority of our users using roaming profiles. They all have Spark setup with ‘save password’ enabled. When they run Spark after logging on to the domain it gives them a different users username and password. They are then able to log in to Spark as that user so the password they are getting is correct. This is quite strange. Our sales force is finding this highly amusing and are sending creative messages to each other

Once the user has corrected their details they can log out of Spark and back in and keep getting the correct details.

It only seems to effects the users with roaming profiles. My profile is static and I get my username and password correctly when I log in. I also run the app directly from my machine, the roaming profile users these users have their desktops redirected to a storage server and we have placed a shortcut on their shared desktop.

Sorry if a fix has already been documented and I’ve missed it. As a company we really like Spark and would like to get this issue resolved.

Any help on this issue would be great.