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Users greyed out in chat room after upgrade to Snow Leopard

We are using openfire over openvpn and after upgrading our laptops to Snow Leopard, all the chat room users are grayed/greyed out in chat rooms. This only appears to be happening for those connecting over the vpn.

Any thoughts?

Can you attach a screenshot of normal and greyed out looking users in the chat room?

I should mention, the users show up “green” if they log on after I do. Again, this works fine on chats rooms outside the vpn connection, but it did work fine for us prior to upgrading the clients to snow leopard.

Thanks again.

What client is this? iChat maybe? I’m not familiar with that client, so i dont know what this behavior could mean.

iChat… Normally all users would have the green icon and would not be grey.

So, maybe this is an issue with iChat. Try asking about this in iChat forums, if there are such.