Users invalid password. login problem

Hi , I have 3.1.0. beta… with the latest spark 2.0.1 … the problems is the next morning my 50 users unable to login … what i have to do is reset the service. so they could login again… wat could be the problem? how to fix it? I installed all plugins to test them including the I-ball message audit. tnx



You can check what had happened from the log files that you can find in the logs directory of you wildfire installation, typically in /opt/wildfire/logs in Unix and C:\Program Files\Wildfire\logs in Windows.

If you can identify the time and type of the problem from the log files but have problem understanding it, you may post that part of the log here.

Some times, program abnormality could be entailed from missbehaved plugins. It may be helpful if you could start up with disabling all the plugins, then start to enable one at a time until you find the problem once again.

ok. il try to disable the plugins and try it one by one… tnx il post the adminlog. if i dont understand it

Of particular interest here is error.log.