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Users not receiving invites

Our users are using the Neos client, but when one user sends an invite request to another user, the invite never arrives.

Is this a common issue or is there something wrong?

what version of neos are you using? Latest is 1.0.100 i think. Havent ever tested invite function, but neos had some problems working with JM, especially older version. Invites work fine with Exodus, so, probably it’'s a client side issue.

With neos 1.0.100 (last version) not work when you invite someone, when one user sends an invite request to another user, the invite never arrives.

Yo probe con Neos 1.0.100 que es la ultima version y tampoco funciona la invitacion a salas , cuando la envias esta nunca llega

but it works with Exodus (havent tested invites with other clients though). So you can try to report this to neos developers too.

Hey guys,

As wroot said, this seems to be a Neos issue. I tried the following cases:

. user_1 connected using Exodus

. user_2 connected using Neos (latest version)

Test 1:

. user_1 created a groupchat room and sent an invitation to user_2

. user_2 received the XML packet (I opened the Jabber Console) but the client didn’'t show an invitation dialog

Test 2:

. user_2 created a groupchat room and sent an invitation to user_1

. user_1 got the invitation, accepted and joined the room


– Gato

Hi, my local IT group has been reviewing the neos client (1.0.100) and also identified this issue. The problem definitely appears to be in the client as other clients that we have looked at (including Exodus) do not exhibit this behavior when used with the same server, same server configuration. This is a pretty big issue for us. There is the fact of the problem itself (assuming this is a client problem) but also the fact that something this major could slip by the QA/testing process for a production release. I know neos is a free product and all but still…

In any event, we still like neos but I’'m a bit more guarded now about making neos my final recommendation for our large xmpp client rollout. Does anyone know if there is a neos support forum anywhere? Seems to be difficult to connect with other neos users.



the only contact with neos developers i’'ve found is a feedback form:


Though i never get a reply. But some bugs i reported were fixed (dont know if my report weas helpful). There is also a support email address. But that is only for registered users, and this will probably cost.


I am Neos lead developer and wanted to comment that this was effectively a neos’’ bug. A new release of neos with this and many other fixes will be released very soon. Currently I have it in beta testing so if anyone would like access to it please email me directly.

Sorry for the inconveniences that this caused and don’'t hesitate to mail me if you find a problem.

Hola Hernán,

Is there a public link where we can download the client and give it a try?


– Gato


I didn’‘t post the URL because this is after all a Jive Messenger’‘s forum and didn’'t want to offend anyone. But since you are asking, Neos 1.0.102 (beta) can be downloaded from here: http://download.novamens.com/kbeeneos/neos-1.0.102w.exe

Note: This is only a unicode version.

I will be releasing this version for mass consumption sometime during this week.