Users not seeing presence updates bug still with 3.2

I mentioned this when 3.1.1 came out in this thread

And there is another thread about it

This still occurs with 3.2, so I am still stuck using 3.0.1.

Any takers? Perhaps we could get a ticket made in JIRA so it doesn’'t get forgotten about?

Still having the exact same problem.

I had exactly the same problem but luckily I was pointed in the correct direction by one of the above posts. After much looking through code I discovered that the handling of groups is quite different depending on the use of posixGroup or not. The documentation refers that if your using just the usernames in the group mapping then you should enable this. If you use full DNs (like me) then you should disable this regardless of what people tell you in other posts about fixing this problem. BUT, if you disable this, then by default the group mapping still tries to quote the userDN that is used to search for and therefore inserts " into the userDN string… simply wrong… After looking further I found a hidden little option called ldap.quoteUserDN (I maybe wrong because I’'m not at work at the mo). Simply insert this into your wilfire.xml and set to false.

Fixed everything for me.

Hope this helps other people.

OK, just looked it up to be sure… the setting is:


Set this to false



still no-go for me.