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Users not showing as online

I searched around a bit, but didn’‘t seem to run into this issue, that or I’'ve just searched for the wrong things!

Either way,

We’'re running the latest version of Jive, and also are using LDAP to authenticate and pull groups from. I have a search and group filter to limit the groups, which seems to be working perfectly.

The problem I’'m having:

User A logs in (1st user online)

User B logs in, sees User A. User A still sees no one online

User C logs in, sees User A and B online. User B still sees User A online, but not user C. User A still sees no one else online.

Basically when you sign on you don’‘t see anyone else come online. However the latter person can see you and message you, and you can even reply back. That doesn’'t help too much though since the first person will never know when others sign on.

Any ideas?




I’‘ve completly the same behaviour with my Wildfire 2.4.4 on a Windows Server 2003 Box. I recognized that the problem just occur when using shared LDAP-Groups. When i’'m using a “normal” shared group from Wildfire it worked just perfect.

I tried MSSQL and the standard HSQL, but still the same.

Is there maybe a problem with my configuration or a bug in Wildfire? Are there any workarounds? It would be no problem for me to use the normal group support without LDAP, but the feature do automatically add users to this group (registration plug-in) does not work (and i won’'t add 140users manually to this group).

Would be thankful for any hints.