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Users not showing in Online list

I have an issue with users not showing up in the all-inclusive “Online” group in Spark. These users will show up in the groups that I have them placed into, but not the “Online” list at the top.

This isn’'t occuring with every user and seems to be fairly random.

Any ideas?

How are the users mapped in the online group? Is there just one large “Online” shared group with everybody in it?


I guess so. It is just the default Online group that Spark has in it. Just like the large offline group, but for the people that are online.

This continues to be an issue for me. Everytime I add a new user to the Wildfire server, they appear in the Group I assign them to, but not to the Online list in Spark.

So for example, I can see Eric in the IT Group, but not in the Online list at the top of the Spark interface.

Last time I had to rebuild the DB to get the users to show up properly. That isn’'t an option everytime I add a new user.


Hi ewto,

Let me check this issue against the 1.1.4 release. If it’'s reproducable, I will get a fix out asap.



Maybe i missunderstand something or that’‘s because i’'m still using But i dont see any Online group. Online users are showing in their groups only, and offline users are in Offline group. The only “Online” thing i see is the combobox for selecting status for you own account.

Need to upgrade anyway. Still no zipped version?

ddman -

Any luck figuring this out?

wroot -

In Spark there is a group at the top that says (number of users) online. It is right at the top of the user list window above your first group. You probably have it minimized.

I too have this same problem, though strangely enough Spark used to work just fine. I’‘m using Wildfire v2.5.1 and Spark 1.1.4 (I first started experiencing the problem with Spark 1.1.3). I have all our users split-out into various shared groups which display just fine for me when using Pandion or Psi, but in Spark all my contacts are shown as being offline. Other people using Spark with our server (using similar configurations) aren’'t having this problem.

Looking at the Spark traffic window, I see activity where Spark asks for and receives data pertaining to conference rooms and transports, but nothing else. No errors or warnings appear in the Wildfire log files.

The only change I made recently was the installation of the pyAIMt transport, though Spark was working fine for a few days even after that was installed. I’'ve tried uninstalling Spark, completely wiping all its data off my local system (the Spark folder under Program Files and also the Spark folder inside my user folder under “Documents and Settngs”) to no avail. This is on WinXP Pro.

Any ideas?

In Spark there is a group at the top that says

(number of users) online. It is right at the top of

the user list window above your first group. You

probably have it minimized.


still cant see “Online” group. “ALL users” is just a shared group (like “tra”) i’'ve named that way. I have users in more than one group and all of them appear in roster. But there is no group with all of them together. And i cant find how can i undo minimize it.

Spark 1.1.4 (Windows version)

Well, where you have “ALL Users”, I just have something that says 21 online (or however many people are online at the moment). It works like any other group that you created and can expand or shrink.

Looks like you don’‘t have it for some reason. Sort of odd. What are you using? I’'m using Spark on Windows XP Pro.

As i said i’'m using Windows version. Windows2000 Pro.

Can you make a screenshot and upload it say to www.imageshack.us ? I’'m curious to see what Derek is hiding from me

I have nothing that says “Online” group at all. Even when I look at the Group Summary via the Admin Console I don’'t see it. All I did was create a new group, and specify in the Registration Properties that group as the Default Group. Now everyone appears in that group automatically whenever I add someone new.

Do you see that group listed in your Group Summary on the server?

Here is the screen shot. You can see the group minimized at the top of the user list window. It says (27 online). I didn’‘t expand it but all the users, minus the ones that aren’'t showing are in that list.


I actually don’'t have an “Online” group persay listed. It is just a group at the top that shows all the people online. You can see the group in the screenshot here.


I didn’‘t create this group or anything. It is just where everyone appears, minus the people who aren’'t showing up, when I add them in Wildfire.

Very interesting. I have nothing of the sort on my Spark…

Are you using it with Wildfire? Maybe that is a feature with that?

I’'d really like to know the answer to this question. Last time I had this issue, I had to rebuild the DB to solve the problem. That required importing all the users again and then re-creating all the groups.

Avoiding that everytime I add a new user would be a plus.

Are you using it with Wildfire? Maybe that is a

feature with that?

Wildfire of course. 2.6.2 currently.

OK, then it would be interesting to know why I have this mysterous “feature” that no one else seems to have.

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