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User's profile info gets reset after a day

Another mysterious issue. This is happening only to one user (my collegue, who was testing various Spark versions with me for a long time). I didn’t get any similar reports from users, nors seen such behavior myself. When he logs to Spark, he can go to Spark > Edit my profile and enter his nickname and othjer stuff. It will stay saved and wil lstay if he restarts Spark, but after a day or so all info is wiped out from his Spark’s profile. I have tried deleting and creating his user on the server, we tried to wipe his Spark’s profile folder and start from scratch. This is probably more related to Openfire (some quirk in the database), but i thought some of this info is saved locally, because if you login on some other machine for the first time, you don’t get your profile information automatically (nickname, etc.). Can’t find what’s causing that.

I’m sure you’ve thought about this, but is it local to his pc only…or are you able to recreate the issue when he uses other pcs? If its localized to his pc only, then im sure the issue is something he is running…like a antimalware/antivirus, etc…

I didn’t try this. Yet. Well, he needs to be online all day, so i can’t just run his user on some test PC and get all his messages But i will try to login and check the next day maybe. Thanks for a hint

Well, i was wrong that it is saved locally. Because when i edited his profile on a test PC, the changes appeared in his Spark also. It still be his computer doing something to Spark and wiping the profile, but i will have to switch him to some other client to test that.

Update: it is not related to his PC or Spark. I have tested on a separate machine. Logged in, entered the info, turned machine off. Next day login and the info is gone. Not sure how to try to fix this. I have already tried to delete and recreate his account. The last thing i can try is to create completely different username for him.

what a weird issue.

Forgot to mention how i solved this. Well, not solved, but found a workaround. Just created new username for this user and now it works fine. Somthing is botched in the database related to his old username… Well, i’m using the embedded one and it is probably 10 years old now