Users randomly assigned to shared groups

I’ve set up few groups in Openfire adm console and assigned users to them.

But in Spark some of users appear in Groups where is not assigned in fact.

More over, this is not common for all of Spark users. One of user can see user X in group Y, another see user X in group Z

Only thing helps is changing Shared Group name (eg by adding 1 at the end, and next change it again by removing ‘1’)

  • then Spark refreshes all contacts.

How can I resolve that?

Is it something in spark like “refresh”?


there are a few known problems with shared groups, for example JM-1025, JM-658, JM-379, JM-370, JM-1063, JM-686, …

So I guess that your problem if just one of them.


I think better “solution” for such problems is to restart Openfire than to change group names and so on. You can also try to clear caches in Admin Console, but depending on server load this can take very long and provoke more weird issues with users’ rosters.

Restarted Opemfire server and this helped indeed.

Thanks for tip

But this seems to be known bug - hope developers fix that in near future