Users roster is gone

I have a user who seems to have lost his rosters. He complained that he only had 3 users in his spark. I dug around the server and found the roster seciton and it had those 3 users he specified and they are all set to “to”.

Everyone else in the company has everyone. How do I get his roster back without manually adding everyone?

We have Openfire 3.5.0



If you are not making nightly backups of your database there is no direct way to recover his roster. Might I suggest a shared group on the server to populate peoples rosters automatically with the members of the server.

That’s actually how we have it setup. And everyone in the company has the same roster. In fact, before yesterday I didn’t even realize that “rosters” existed. I just stumpled onto it when digging around to findout why he was only seeing 3 of us.

Anyway, a reboot corrected the problem.



Hi There

I have a similar problem, although this time I’m registering a transport for a jabber user via the smack api. The transport gets created along with its roster entries and everything looks great.

However, after using it for a while (1 hour aprox.) mysteriously, user roster is gone! The transport entry still there but no buddy list is displayed. Roster exists for sure but open fire doesn’t display it!!

Also, I noticed that just before it, the debug.log file gets deleted (I don’t know if it has anything to do with it) the “Log Viewer > Debug” screen displays a message stating that the file can’t be found.

Re-starting Openfire solves the problem but it not good solution specially on production.

Any Ideas?? Any help would be much appreciated. - I’ve tried both Linux and Windows but problem remains…

Also, I don’t think is to do with the load since I’ve read on this same forum that Openfire’s been load tested with around 100k concurrent users in a single box.

I’m using Openfire 3.6.

Embedded database

Thanks in advance