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Users serving different workgroups simultaneously with FastPath

At Nveevo we offer a solution called CHAT247. We provide both software and chat operators to provide customer support to several web-based companies. We are looking to migrate to Openfire/Spark/Fastpath and we are testing the Openfire Enterprise.

While testing we assumed that creating a Workgroup would be the same as creating a Client/Website. Under the workgroups you can create various queues for that particular Client (Customer Service/Tech Support) and you can assign operators to those queues. Everything is working fine up to here.

Now, If you need to have those same operators take chat from other Workgroups-Clients, you simply can’t because only one Workgroup can be assigned in FastPath.

What can I do ?

We’ve run into the same problem and haven’t found a solution. This would be a great feature to add to Openfire/Spark.

We would like to sponsor this feature. Is there a developer that would like to contract with us to do the work on this?