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Users showing offline

i have setup jive messenger on my win 2000 box and using the inbuilt database, i can connect to the server with the clients like psi and exodus, i can register new accounts and then log in, but i cannot msg anyone, when i add a new contact it shows pending but there is no notification to the added person. and it just shows the added users offline, and even if i msg them they dont get the contact add notification or the message

Hi Anish,

Typically the reason for this problem is that the JID of the user that was added to your contacts list was not correct. When you add contacts make sure that you add a JID in the form of @[myserver].

Hope that helps,


i did that, i am adding the users like anish@mynetwork, but still i am not getting it working, it is bcoz of the VPN ?

Hey Anish,

Do you see any error in the log files? BTW, you may want to post the sent and received XML of each client so we can figure out what’'s going on.


– Gato