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Users shows as offline regardless

I think a lot has been written about this but I have not found not even a clue.

I have wildfire 3.2.2 on a Mandriva2006 with mysql and Active Directory 2000.

So far so good, but here is the problem I got spark 2.08 and I can browse the AD and add users and groups but they always show as offline. Logs so far shows me nothing.

Any ideas will be very much welcome.


Hola Max,

The most common reason for this problem is adding just the username to the roster or a user with an incorrect domain. So lets say that your XMPP domain is example.com then users of that server will be of the form [user]@myexample.com. Adding just user or user@somethingelse.com will fail to work.


– Gato

Thanks for the post.

Now as you rightly assume that configuration was wrong so I changed indeed the xmpp.domain to match the AD domain but still the users status do not update, I know that people is online but they show as offline.

Here is the wildfire.xml just in case.


Thanks again.